$AAVE reached a 10% increase....but so what

Got word today that $AAVE was trading 10% higher than reflected of recent low.

Well DUH! THats why its called a "LOW". WHy not talk about it when it reached 2% or 7%? The problem i had with this editorial i read through was they completely failed to mention the almost 200% decrease in price. Half of which took place in just the last 10 days.
I mean if youre going to talk about a 10 percent increase in the price to wet the mouths of people in the $AAVE #Community, then at least tell them the FULL story.

So with that, Im here to tell you the full story AND give you some advice, as well as place a quick trade WHILE recording the video.
Commentaire: sorry if my dialog is a bit all over the place. THer eis SO much i want to share with you guys.

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