A CME'S GAP that no one has identified !

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Ladies and gentlemen, i'm more than happy to celebrate my 1500 followers. A big thanks to everyone who supports my (free) work. For this great occasion, here is a new BTC chart, i hope you will enjoy it.

It's been a long time since I published a BTC chart. For my french followers, there is a french video in 2 part on TradingView (which has been working well since 1 year). If you are not french you can just look at the graph on the video to see the idea (the top around 13800$, etc.) For the others, here is a new chart :


There is a GAP between 3564$ and 3595$ which has not been filled, you can see it on the 4h chart. This is the first time since the CME Futures history on BTC that a GAP is not filled.
SPOILER ALERT : I think we are going to fill it.

Technical analysis :

Trend : After an over-extension (4.618fib) of the C (ABC correction), the price broke the parabolic structure in July. After this price consolidated in a range and is now bear-trending.

Pattern : A clear H&S is forming, ready to breakdown (however, volume is not confirming it).

Indicators :
- EMA : highly bearish with a death cross (55/200).
- Ichimoku : Switched bearish some days ago.
- RSI : The strong bearish divergence has been activated and RSI is now in bearish zone, waiting for oversold conditions.
- MFI : in bearish zone.

Please let me know in the comment section what you think about this chart and what is your point of view about BTC price evolution !
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We are more than 1500 : THANK YOU EVERYONE.

DISCLAIMER : I'm not financial advisor. You trade at your own risk. I can't be responsible for your loss. Short BTC is always risky.
Here is the GAP on the 4h chart : https://s3.amazonaws.com/tradingview/sna...
Previous support testing as resistance now.
This trade is still active. I continue to think we are going lower.
It takes longer than anticipated but we are going lower gentlemen !
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BTC gone under 4K on many exchanges ! CONGRATS FOR THE TRADE ! I remember 2 months ago when everyone was trolling me. Remember guys, trading is a game of patience.

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