Should i sell ,Should i buy ? BTC Analysis ! ! !

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
ok for those who follow me and my swing trading method i wnat to share you my 4h chart:
2018/05/05 : MACD et stochastic rsi sell signal ( 9800/9900)
2018/05/06 : first MA break, sell confirmation,if you miss the first signal (9600)
2018/05/09 ; MACD and Stochastic buy signal (9000/9100)
2018/05/10 : MACD and stochastic sell signal (9300/9400)
2018/05/11 : No buy signal yet so just WAIT !!!

ok so you tell me i have to wait to buy but , i have some bitcoin and altcoin should i sell ? i think is to late for sell but is just my point of view , beacause fibo 0.5 at 8400 and stochastic RSI at his bottom.. But it's difficlul to predict the bottom maybe we could go lower than 8400 so be careful and good luck :)
Next time just follow my method if you don't want to lose money :)

like if you aprecciate ,thanks :)=
when would be a good time to buy
talak tluangahauhnar
@tluangahauhnar, when indicator give me signal :)
@talak, 1h and 2h chart give good signal but it's risky i prefer to wait for 4 h chart buy signal :)
@talak, we bounce on the 0.5 fib is a good sign too but not enought :)
@talak, TY
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