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Today i want to share with all the noob a method for easy swing trade , every one can do it and it s 100 per cent sure :)
ok let 's look at the chart (4 h and 175 mma )
When price up and crosses 175 mma (green B mark), just Buy (it's better to wait pull back to the mma to buy)
When price crosses 175 mma in the other side it's the limit for sell (better to sell by target T mark on the graph , don't be greedy :)
so S mark its the limit for sell to make profit and it s a good and sure enter price for short , just close short on next B mark...

thats all for today , hope that will help beginner to make easy monney with just little time and thinking...

ps : again sorry if my english is not good :)

like if you apreciate , thanks :)=
sorry, new here, quick and maybe dumb questios but, waht does the 175 stands for on the MA? i mean when i change, im a changing the time perios for the MA? so it means days, hous or min? depending on what chart im seeing?

Thank you
talak PierBravo
@PierBravo, if your chart is dayly 175 is 175 days , if your chart is 1 H, 175 is 175 hours ...
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@talak, " daily "
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Hi Talak,,, Its very simple and very good .... But can you say me please if its working yet... I just want to say if i follow this chart now, in may, in june etc.... i'll have indicators ?

Thanks for your answer.

ps : again sorry if my english is not good
talak Tet102_fr
@Tet102_fr, don't worry my english is not good too...no but just go to your own chart and take indicator moving average then format and change 9 to 175...
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What indicator is "MMA" only one i see it mulitple moving averages. But how is it mulitple if you are using just the 175ma? is it just the 175 MA?
talak tradertron1
@tradertron1, hey , yes sorry it's just 175 MA :)
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except if you did not sell yet, on the last trade, you might want to consider..

Hardest part is when to take profit.
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talak robboman93
@robboman93, next time i will do an idea for those who want to know how to choose good target :)
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