BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
Hi this is a possible unfolding of BTC vs USD on long term.
Target for this big 3 extension (green level) : 145 K.
We would now be in a small 3 ending at 120 K and then correction of a 4 (strong level 50%) to 75K and then pump to 145K.
Current position : a little nr 2 which made this correction ending exactly at 50% (purple level).
About timing, this bull run would end thi summer around 120K, then correction for september and back on track in 2022 to 145K minimum.
As you know, this would mean the capitalisation of bitcoin is around 35% of gold , and 3 times Apple , which means an adoption by a lotta people / institutions / financial structures. This involves a strong possibility of major tax regulations till then.
So it is a very optimistic fundamental point of view, if we put aside the technical analysis , which is very optimistic as well.
Both have to be considered.
Also we shall have in mind that altcoins would take a bigger part of the cake. Is bitcoin still going to be first in 2025? Your call.
Not an investment advice, just an idea of where we are in terms of waves.
Let's see what the market gives us.
ALL the best