BTC in full power-Nothing seems to stop the rally of the century

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
=> The total market value of bitcoin crossed $1 trillion on Friday as the price surged above $55,000 ;

=> Bitcoin has properties that make it appear more like a commodity .Indeed, the Internal Revenue Service classifies it as such and properties that make it appear more like a currency, as Japan’s Financial Services Agency classifies it. Yet it really isn’t either. Bitcoin is a software program designed to facilitate online exchange, to mimic physical cash, without the need for a bank or other middleman to guarantee the exchange ;

=> however, does have its own rate of inflation , albeit an entirely predictable one that is designed to decrease in the long run. Currently, 6.25 bitcoins are created roughly every 10 minutes, and nearly 19 million of the intended 21 million bitcoins are already in circulation. That results in a current inflation rate of roughly 2.2%, according to Bitcoin .com ;

* Laste and not least, if the classical financial system doesn't admit or at least doesn't recognize the crypto assets as a fiat currency, it may be time to admit it as a collateral.

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