2014 / 2018 ! ! ! what's the end ? ? ?

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ok for those who like to compare 2014 and 2018 i did for you the end of the crash with the same % up and down move and the good time scale...
so the final target is around 3300/3500 (at the end of june) and you will have two time to buy it , because of double bottom ...
Just be carefull and remember for now 2014 and 2018 are very similar but they could be different in the futur...

like if you apreciate , thanks :)=
Commentaire: 2014


Just because u did not enter at 6k in feb and 6400ish now u so sad and do bad TA to spread fud and pray u can get it cheap, im sorry bro but its not going under 5900 again ATLEAST, im not sure even it will go under 7600 speaking with some heavy informed and invested experienced people.
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talak Robbanbiff
@Robbanbiff, for your information i enter for 20 % of my portfolio at around 6500 in feb , and 60 % more at 6600 (20% in btc and 80% alt : neo,wpr,ethos,vibe,arcblock,poa,dragonchain...) two weeks ago so before tell bullshit just go see all my TA and you will see im more bullish than bearish but i have to explore all the possibility...
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talak talak
@talak, so i have just 20% in fiat right now ! ! !
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Ashby_Parker Robbanbiff
@Robbanbiff, Your barely legible, child-like comment leads me to believe you are a "heavy informed and invested experienced person"
Your FOMO must be kicking in at this point though :)
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still waiting :D :D
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I'm sure in $3000-5000.
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lol :D :D crazy people...3000 :D :D
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talak newbusinessman
@newbusinessman, it could be possible so just be prepar for all the case...
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@talak, I don't think so... :)
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