What Im expecting from BTC now

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Sorry my fellow english followers, I just saw that I put a chart of BTC situation yesterday and totally forgot to translate it in english and post it here.
To recap, I was watching at a W on the 12h timescale yesterday and started to reduce my alt positions.
If you want new entry for BTC buy in blue box, sell in red boxes.

Today all my stop loss under support haven been triggered so im 100% BTC .

However if you didnt put any stop loss you have 2 choices right now :

1) sell at a small loss on a pullback to previous support
2)hold your coins and be patient

but please NEVER panic sell!! most important rule in trading altcoins. Your trades need to be prepared and you must think of an exit in case if it goes bananas.
If you aren't an experienced trader I would advise you to just hold your coins and in few days you will be back on track. IMO we are nowhere near alts ATH.

Just stay relax and Ill give you good trades to recover ;) but next time put stop loss under support!

When I spot the bottom ill let you know and we will take some new trades. Otherwise just hold your coins and add to the coins you love the most.

Here is the W i was talking about on the french chart


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