- ADX was always a strong indicator about Trends movements and strength, so read carefully the graph, this is a 2 Week view, in comments i will post 1 Month view.
- Just Check ADX Overbought Zone and you will understand, for now, i can tell you that 82% of retailers are shorting TheKing and believe it will crash.
- That said i can tell you that 86% of institutional investors and assets managers are Long on BTC .

- So what i want to explain clearly is :

- Whales are just waiting for a big dip to buy your Bitcoins , they always cumulate BTC , they move them out from exchanges and keep in their wallets. no matter if BTC falls to 1000$, they will buy more.
- TheKing is still Alive because Whales never dropped their BTC , they dropped a bit for living, but this new nerd generation understood about the meaning of freedom in the "Satoshi Whitepaper".
- Most of the Whales are not driving a Lambo but drive a small car, they fly coach, they visit the planet, and they go supermarket like you and me.

- Retailers try to win money in the Both Ways because they are just greedy, Long and Short BTC , the problem is when you Short BTC you don't have your coins... you have your "Short Contract" (x2 at least).
- When you are shorting a disinflation technology, it means you are fighting with something made for a best future, less poverty, more equitability, better world for your family.
- When you are shorting BTC you are taking the risk that the exchange you are using close or get a hack, you cannot move a contract in an hardcore Wallet, but if you buy BTC , you can move coins in your Ledger.
- When you are shorting BTC , you own nothing. Not your coins. Not your Key. just the wind.

- i hope this makes some people's open eyes about a greedy financial system.

- Believe in TheKing!

Happy Tr4ding !
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