Perfect buying opportunity on the CHF/USD

FX_IDC:CHFUSD   Franc Suisse / U. S. Dollar
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Hi, I'm back for some more analysis for you guys, look there we got a good opportunity that I took :
We had a ranging market for the past months, bouncing, again, and again, we are trying there to catch a high of the ranging market.
Our confirmations are :
- A weekly support zone of confluence
- A near 0.318 Fibonacci rejection
- The big zone of support with multiples rejections trough the past
We can expect there a buy with a lot of confidence.
TP: 1.1118
SL: 1.0849
Commentaire: Trail stop loss for the week-end at 1.0910
Commentaire: Trail stop loss at 1.0935, this trade is looking very good, and could potentially, at the end of the week hit our TP.
Thank you for following !
Commentaire: Moved my TP to 1.1040 which is a 1:4 RR.
We will get out soon if the market still bullish throughout the night.
Thank you for all the likes I appreciate the support :)
Commentaire: Stop loss moved to 1.0910
Commentaire: Good afternoon guys, our trade is actually going really well. The market just exploded in our direction, and we are near our 1.1040 TP!
Thank you for following my trade and I hope you took it!
Stay tuned for the next trades, have a good trading week :)
Trade fermée manuellement: Closed at 110 Pips profit, I trailed the stop loss to secure the profits.
Since the market went down :)
Im now out of the trade


Super analyse, tu conseilles d'investir dès maintenant ?
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Amir_fx forsakenOil74799
@forsakenOil74799 @forsakenOil74799,
Bonjour, dès maintenant il reste un peu tard pour prendre une position vendredi le pull back sur le premier niveau de take profit à été fait et de la a prendre une position pourrait être risqué. Mais le possibilité que le marché vienne te-tester de niveau reste là. Donc je pense que tu devrais attendre un pull-back, puis tenter de te positionner sur un petit time-frame.