Why Deutche Bank is NOT GOING TO ZERO

I have read an article today about the possible merger between Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank, few people seem to be reading up on it! Very soon we will hear about how EU banks are a zero and Deutsche will be the first to collapse. A backdoor bailout is likely to change that.
Great commentary. However, check the labels for your Elliott Wave Analysis. If it is a Zigzag (A-B-C) structure as you have labeled it, the subwaves of wave c that terminated as an ending wedge should be in numbers and should not for sure be labeling a wave e position in an ending wedge.All the best......
I agree with your analysis. Overall the banking sector in Europe has a lot of problems. Eurozone macros are bad while the ECB does not have solutions (only free cash - La casa de papel). In addition the EU elections could open the Pandora's box...
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