Elrond 31 Millions of coin 15000TPS Hypergrowth will follow BTC

Elrond is one of the best crypto project with nearly the same supply of BTC (21 M VS 31M)
Elrond is building the new economy with DEFI
Elrond is building a solid architecture around space - check the tag of the twitt by the CEO of Elrond with NASA
Elrond is launching the new Internet soon - check the tags of twitt to Elon Musk
Elrond will allow people to have their wallet dedicated to investment
Elrond 250% return is planned on Monday
Elrond is like BTC at its beginning.

More info about hypergrowth 100 days challenge at Elrond on twitter .
Token EGLD is mainly traded on Binance.

Important: This is just my personal opinion not an advice for you to sell or Buy EGLD . Trading on crypto remains risky. Please do your own researches before deciding investing on EGLD or any other crypto.