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Hello guys,

It's been a long time since i have published a / BTC pair chart. I don't really like to do it for some TA reasons. But there is a massive pattern we can't ignore anymore. NOTE that the stop-loss is particularly important in this trade : symmetrical triangle can break both way (50%) and for now the volume hasn't confirmed the BREAKDOWN (but volume is not very reliable in / BTC pair), because there is a breakdown for now i think it could be interesting to sell ETH to BTC -0.39% (or even better to fiat). ETH enjoys triangle : last time he breakout of a similar triangle it was in November and ETH ran from 400$ to 1400$ in absolutely no time. Today ETH is looking for a breakdown unfortunately and i think the previous low of 0.022 is a decent first target with a potential V bottom due to some excessive panic sell to 0.013. In a bigger count, i think this massive triangle is only a part of the wave 4 on 5, in this case wave 5 would create a new ATH -1.03% for ETH/BTC 8.77% pair in the coming years.

But for now yes, a -75% correction for ETH/BTC 8.77% is possible and in a BTC /USD bear trend it could be very hard to sustain for holders. So i just want to warn people who are not able to hold for years (or at least months).

I don't like to post fundamental analysis but in this case the breakdown could be in link with this : If there is blockchain analysts or we know something about this spike please tell me it in comment.

As Always i'm not financial advisor, i do it for my personal training and entertainment.

Feel free to post a comment, give me a LIKE and follow for more updates. Have a lovely day.
Commentaire: As excepted ETH/BTC is falling like a rock. I think there is more pain to come in the coming weeks.
Commentaire: I'm in holidays since 3 weeks, i'll keep you updated. ETH/BTC have exactly rebound on my TP1 and now is breaking the support. I expect further declines in the coming weeks.
Commentaire: Already +43,94% win on my position. Hope you are making monster profit too.
2018 will probably be my best year of trading.

Last 3 positions : +45% leveraged 3 (Take care of the wyckoff)
-3,8 % on SPX
+ 43% here (position not close but partial profil have been filed at TP1).

Bonus one : my Litecoin short position from april still in play. This is pure free money. Will close it at 35$ or if we break over 70$ again.

How much people are giving you result like this for free on TV ? I would love to know haha. Thanks to like, share and follow :).

I expect ETH/BTC to keep falling in the coming days/weeks. Next strong support are on the chart.

Have a good day everyone.
Commentaire: This count is savage.
Transaction en cours
Commentaire: I'm still waiting we touch my target.
Commentaire: Target REACHED. Let see how the support react !
Commentaire: Look how beautiful this chart is. Show me a better TA if you can. Perfect dip to the support and now strong rebound !
Trade fermée: cible de profit atteinte: I'm taking all my profits. Money is here! Please follow, and like for support :).


I can agree with your ETHBTC publication here. Very well put together.

I didn't mean to come across as an asshole with the comment about the "title." I only wanted the conversation I was starting about BTCUSD and ETHUSD in relation TO ETHBTC to lead to what this publication actually conveys. Which is Bitcoin going up more in USD value than ETH in USD value. At least for the near term. That's all I was up to.

Anyways, thanks again for your thoughts and keep up the great analysis. You're worth a FOLLOW in my book and I want to encourage others to follow you as well.

Good day, Sir.
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WyckoffMode WyckoffMode

By the way, I've been following you for quite a while already.
KassandrA_dotcom WyckoffMode
@WyckoffMode, Yes man i understand it, i didn't not want to sound unpleasant. I'm boring of people who only read the tittle and i know it's not your case. I agree that a part of the ETH/BTC pair could be and probably will be a increase in value for BTC better than ETH but in a general downtrend a result will be that ETH will probably tank harder.

A pleasure to read you again, and feel free to send me PM if you want to discuss it more deeply :).
@KassandrA_dotcom, excellent chart!!!
Which is your new target for ETH/BTC?

@SatomiZa, Hello, tanks, we are testing the previous the resistance, if ETH breaks it we could have found a mid-term bottom. Not yet done.
SatomiZa KassandrA_dotcom
@KassandrA_dotcom, thanks!!!
Now it seems to be using the resistence of 35xxx sats as new support...
SatomiZa SatomiZa
...and it was broken...
ETHEREUM SOON upward movement
Check this analysis,don t forget ETH hardfork in 16 january 2019
Good job
Thanks @KassandrA_dotcom !
Do you think the bottom will be 0.022 or 0.013?