ETH vs BTC exit strategy

COINBASE:ETHBTC   Ethereum / Bitcoin
Ethereum is currently outperforming bitcoin as expected.

4 Take Profits should be taken to cash out Ethereum to Bitcoin .

TP1: 0.103 BTC /1ETH
TP2: 0.12 BTC /1ETH
TP3: 0.14 BTC /1ETH
TP4: 0.16 BTC /1ETH

ETHBTC impulse final wave is in formation. We first had a rare leading diagonal 12345 ABC zigzag to a top of 1. Followed by a triple three pattern correction to the dip of 2 in WXYXZ subdivided in ABCABCABCWXYABC. The current trend is the bigger wave 3. This trend is currently building the wave 3.

For the more conservative people, it's absolutely possible to take profit 0.25 & 0.5 at :

- 161.8% fibonacci level around 0.06696 BTC /1ETH
- 261.8% fibonacci level around 0.09009 BTC /1ETH
- 423.6% fibonacci level around 0.12752 BTC /1ETH

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