NASDAQ (NAS100): Teacup and handle before rebound

1). The bearish movement has been breached on Thursday March 11th.

2). 0.786 Fibo retracement from the last dip acting as resistance.

3). Former SMA20 resistance acting now as support (in blue).

4). Stochastic and RSI are overbought on the 5Y-10Y yields (in orange). We might see some cool off, enabling the NAS100 to go further up.

5). 0.618 Fiba retracement from the general dip, acting as resistance (also hitting 1D Ichimoku SpanA). Handle of the teacup starting from here, around next Thursday.

6). 1D Ichimoku twisting : might see some range until the end of March. Then further up during April, supported by news of Spring US recovery.
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