CRYPTOCAP:TOTAL   Capitalisation boursière totale Crypto, $

So far Elon Musk did his best to dump the crypto market. Good job, but you failed.

We can clearly still see a nice uptrend channel and the fib support level 0.382 did his job. We just bounced at the bottom of the channel, wich btw gave a good entry-point, total crypto market cap has now a potential to rise upwards appr. 30-35%.

So far RSI and MACD didn't confirm the strenght of the ongoing bounce, but it's probably just a matter of time.

Signal we are looking for in the next days :

- MACD should break above the signal line
- RSI should not bounce under the 50 level
- ADX should growth in strengh and Di+ moove above Di-
- Price should not cross and close below the 0.382 fib level

Remember this is not a financial advice, you should do your own researchs.

A Small win is better then a big loss
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