Long position on Tron

toa_aito Mis à jour   
I share the trade i just opened 1 hour ago on TRX at the price 0,1380.
Long position on my Binance Future account with leverage x15 (risky but big reward incoming).
I followed the Tron movements closely since few days and noticed he got a hard time going under the 100% Fib level and the 0,10 long term and psychologic resistance.
Now it's going to re integrate the 15 minutes ascending channel and so i'm targeting the 23% Fib level in the area 0,120/0,125 which i think will be to by the end of the week-end or maximum the middle of the coming week.
My stop loss in on the 0,10 psychologic resistance so the risk/reward ratio is around 1:6,5
0,10 i was meaning support sorry
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