M15 Comparative Analysis : US Oil ↔ UK Oil (with 4 indicators)

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Here, a comparative analysis of US Oil (West Texas Intermediate)
and UK Oil (Brent) on a 15-minute chart (M15).

US Oil on the left and UK Oil on the right.

The four indicators are the main indicators used at ADX-BRIEFING.
- Top indicator (directly below price window): modified MACD
- 2nd indicator: modified ADX
- 3rd and 4th indicators: modified momentum indicators.

The modified MACD indicator (on both markets) has been in the BUY zone
since November 16, 2020 and is still in the BUY zone as of now.

The modified ADX indicator is in a downtrend and this means that right now,
we have a consolidation.
We are waiting for a turn-around on this indicator which would indicate
that we have a new significant move on the way.
As of now, this is a waiting period, when considering this higher 15-min time-frame.

Indicator #3 on both markets, is still in the BUY zone
and now is a risky time for a long-term short trade.

Indicator #4 is in the neutral zone between the BUY zone and the SELL zone.

On the 15-minute time-frame, there is no clear signal for either a BUY trade or a SELL trade.

I will add, in the comments section, more detailed analysis, related to the time-frame we are actually using for trades.

François Normandeau
Institutional Research Director

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