OANDA:XAUUSD   Or / Dollar Américain
if drop to green zone buy more..
After I sell and it break up on This idea

so we buy more on this zone and if drop to green zone touch trendline again will buy more too

Commentaire: sorry too explain unclear.
I told on Yesterday Idea for sell (see in comment after it break up I comment to buy back )
Commentaire: Buy more 1418
and close First entry 1422 in a liiter profit
Keep the best price in long term
Commentaire: Gold drop to Third entry at 1415.46
Commentaire: Close second entry 1418 with profit
and keep 1415.46
Commentaire: Now we have cost at 1415.46 if Gold drop again we have buy limit around 1411.83
Commentaire: If you entry 1415.46 will profit more than 100 pips
may lock some profit.
Trade fermée: cible de profit atteinte: Hit TP1
Trade fermée: cible de profit atteinte: Hit TP2
Commentaire: some user direct message to me
Can we keep buy in long-term and what target ?
I have long positoin in My Long-term account
target more than 1500.0
mid-term 1470-1480
Hope this guide can help you
Nice weekend
thanks for your reply.
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theoris rachitkamdar
today its buying or selling option .
theoris rachitkamdar
@rachitkamdar, It is too risk now
If would like to trade should buy on dip target 1450 - 1470
but this level zone must use Large Stoploss
Risk reward ratio is not good.
@theoris, thanks for your reply.
theoris rachitkamdar
@rachitkamdar, Gold may drop around 1430-1437 and should rise again

+1 Répondre
its seen 1437 has a resistance there.. gonna sell?
theoris tylergaming123
@tylergaming123, for me
I will do nothing
or only buy more for scalping
theoris theoris
@theoris, it may drop after this but not sure how many pips
i choose to wait it complete rebounce on this zone (have trend line after break up)
and buy back
but tonight I will not trade anymore will see tomorrow again.
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@theoris, i think it is a fake breakout on 1437 point
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