XRP Big take profit

XRP after a big rallye will go down back to 0,35 after Ripple sell the one 50 B xrp they still had or after investissors take profit


Why TP so soon if it can go higher ? All are just questions I don’t have answers or Crystal ball lol
@Iodasama be cause to high too fast, not secure. don’t forget that Ripple still have 50 000 000 000xrp waiting to be sell...
Iodasama O-D-E-S
@O-D-E-S, first thanks for your answer ‘ I appreciate ‘
I precise it’s buy and hold for me and on spot regarding Xrp 👌 sure there is a possibility of a break down and come back to level under 1$ again ‘ going back to 0.20$ can not be excluded but that would be a big crash ‘ Xrp did by the past ‘ true ‘ however ripple just bought 40% of Tranglo ‘ signs are pretty bullish regarding the recent break out ‘ sure there is 50 billion to sell but why investors would sell them at this stage if the price tends to go up plus retailer are going to fomo ‘ that’s just a question .. I am just wondering myself.. Xrp cycle is well known to have outburst in price up but also down that’s right ‘ so prices can go up fast that’s typical about Xrp not necessarily means it’s going to go down right away after going up ‘ again don’t have crystal ball here .. there is a true utility behind Xrp ‘ not like a bubble fomo without nothing to rely on ‘ I keep an open mind a pull back or crash always possible but there has been a real accumulation all this time just to sell right away .. not totally convinced about that .. but everything is possible .. another thing if price going down you need to have Xrp to short the market so even investors will need to have some xrp in their portfolio to short the market ‘ if I am not wrong ?
@Iodasama what is going to happen at your money if xrp come back to 0,20€ level ?
Interesting ‘ so you don’t believe in a new bull run cycle for Xrp ? The flow of money coming from Btc into xrp? I d like to know your answer and why you don’t believe in all that if that’s the case ‘ thanks ‘
Yes ofc in 2022
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