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We created our own coding language called Pine Script, which allows users to create customized studies and signals and run them on our servers. Please note that Pine was designed as a lightweight language, focused on the specific task of developing indicators. Since its creation, all pre-built indicators have been coded in Pine. It’s our explicit goal to keep it accessible and easy to understand to the widest possible audience. Please note that Pine is cloud-based and therefore different in nature to client-side solutions. Please also note that it’s not our goal to have a language with high-end coding capabilities for building very complex tools. In this sense Pine cannot be compared to a full-blown programming language, but we are happy to consider any request to add a feature. Improving it further and making it more powerful is one of the highest priorities for us.

Because each study uses computational resources in the cloud, we have put limits on certain aspects of Pine (as few as possible but as many as needed) in order to share these resources fairly among our users. We need to ensure the platform keeps running smoothly and no-one is negatively affected by scripts that might otherwise consume a disproportionate amount of power. The imposed limits apply to elements such as the amount of data from additional symbols, loop calculations, memory usage and script size. Additionally, we keep Pine syntax and semantics simple so it can handle common tasks efficiently. We will continue to improve the documentation and support to ensure that anyone who wants to can learn and use Pine, which will help the development community grow, get more robust and create more helpful analysis.

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