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Bar coloring

The barcolor() function lets you color chart bars. It is the only Pine Script™ function that allows a script running in a pane to affect the chart.

The function’s signature is:

barcolor(color, offset, editable, show_last, title) → void

The coloring can be conditional because the color parameter accepts “series color” arguments.

The following script renders inside and outside bars in different colors:

indicator("barcolor example", overlay = true)
isUp = close > open
isDown = close <= open
isOutsideUp = high > high[1] and low < low[1] and isUp
isOutsideDown = high > high[1] and low < low[1] and isDown
isInside = high < high[1] and low > low[1]
barcolor(isInside ? color.yellow : isOutsideUp ? color.aqua : isOutsideDown ? color.purple : na)

Note that:

  • The na value leaves bars as is.
  • In the barcolor() call, we use embedded ?: ternary operator expressions to select the color.
Options v: v5