RePaNoCHa V4 [Alerts]

Script for automatic trading with Alerts.

LG --> Long (green: not confirmed) (lime: confirmed)
ST --> Short (maroon: not confirmed) (red: confirmed)
TS --> Trailing Stop
xL --> Close Long Position
xS --> Close Short Position
SL --> Stop Loss

The trailing stop closes the trade if the price changes direction by a specified percentage or offset. There is no ideal distance because markets and price are always changing and we know that is impossible to exit on the top or bottom. This script interpolate the trailing Stop Offset with profit, higher profit --> higher Trailing Stop Offset. Despite this, it's difficult to catch the price but not impossible. It has a TS delay too. It take a snapshot every X seconds, if the TS is activated the alert is triggered, otherwise the price keeps fluctuating until a new snapshot.

It can be easily converted to Backtest. Just delete "//" on the corresponding part.

Default settings for XBT:USD at 1H.
Notes de version: Added RSI and MACD
Notes de version: Repeated part deleted
Notes de version: Stop Loss bug fixed
Added option for activate not confirmed signals (better profit but high risk)
Notes de version: Xlong & Xshort fixed
Notes de version: Now the Trailing Stop can be triggered even if price is lower than the activation limit just like the strategy or backtest script.
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Problem found- the short and long alert fires twice ..
Every time there is a long/short the alert fires then same alert fires again in 10-30 minutes, i already turned off the unconfirmed signals
rhumper1 rhumper1
@rhumper1, I have set all alert to once per bar
rhumper1 rhumper1
@rhumper1, another problem -- the script just fired an exit alert even though the chart shows nothing at all happening on the candle
And can you expect almost the same results as for automatic trading through ?
Is it okay to use Heiken-ashi candles?
Thanks XaviZ, this strategy looks really really good. I've been testing it with 3commas, and I can confirm that sometimes the strategy change from long to short, or short to long, without taking profit. Using it with one account, or testnet (I'm trying the bybit testnet), it's impossible to use, because you cannot open a new position if the previous one is open. So if I have a short open, and the strategy wants to turn long, it can't, and I remain in the short position losing money. It's a pity. Now I patch the problem using 2 different testnet and an alert that when the long is fired, it says to the short bot to close deals, and viceversa. Do you have any idea of how to solve this directly in the alert script?

I see the same problem also...
Thank you for your great job.
But I have some problems..
When I use TV alert, sometime alert doesn't work.
How can I fix it?
thinku2 thinku2
@XaviZ , Today I got 4 entry signals and 4 TS signals and I use TV alert use "once per bar"
But 2 signals(entry 2, TS 2) didn't work. Some signals can't trigger TV alerts.
I think that is not the problem of TV but I can't find error in your script.
Do you have experience that kind of problem?
Gracias por compartir! Gran trabajo.

Probando los resultados del backtest y comparándolos con la reproducción se ve que los resultados no concuerdan, es mas, son muy distintos.

Pasando de +35% en agosto en backtest de tv a un - 10% en live.

Como calculas esas salidas en tp o tsl en el backtest?
Porque veo que muchas veces pone que la salida estaría en la mecha superior de la vela y eso no creo pueda ser posible en live.

Ahora tengo alarmas para después verificar manualmente el backtest.

Gracias por responder! Buenos códigos haces!