Dear traders,

Welcome to CRYPTOPRO indicator. Only for crypto markets! This is an invite only script, please PM me to request permission for testing and access.

This indicator is developed as a scalping, intraday or swingtrade strategy.

Been working on indicators for years now, now back to trading again and made the best possible indicator for different timeframes.
The indicator uses market data, multiple timeframe ma/ rsi charts and price action for determining a long or short strategy.
The indicator does not repaint!

I have made the indicator as easy as possible to use with added background colors.

How to use:

- Long strategy: when background turns to green after bar closing.
- Short strategy: when background turns to red after bar closing.


- Alerts are included in the indicator and are very simple to use.
- Alert "buy" for long strategy (green background)
- Alert "sell" for short strategy (red background)
- The alerts can also be used for automated trading/bot trading.

Time Frames :

- Can be used for all different timeframes.

Chart candles:

- Indicator is to be used with standard prince candles.


- Trading and financial markets are always risky and unpredictable.
- All trades made based on this indicator and his results are always your own responsibility.
- As an author i will not be held responsible for any of your trading profit or loss. Always be cautious when trading.

Charts can be applied to all TV supported crypto charts.

If you find the indicator usefull share your support and feedback in the comments.

Any questions PM me for more info.Thank you!

No sharing, copying, reselling, or any other forms of use are authorized for our scripts / strategy, and the information published with them.
This script / strategy is strictly for individual use.
This is not financial or investment advice. Investments are always made at your own risk and are based on your personal judgement.
NYTRADE is not responsible for any losses you may incur. Please trade wisely.

Notes de version: Changed the default length from 3 to 200 and cycle from 79 to 10 for better results.
Script sur invitation seulement

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Instructions de l'auteur

This is an invite only script, please PM me to request permission for testing and access.

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