Glory Hole with SMA + ADX - Strategy

Here you get a script with the rules for "Glory Hole"-Strategy from Linda Raschke.

In Addition, I choose the SMA - not the EMA for this script.

If you get a trade Signal, then set an sell- oder buy-order on the high or low. If the next bar doesn't touch into the trade, then delete your order.

Have fun and good look.
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I see in your scripts you have some interest in Linda Raschke as well as waves. Any chance you want to code something for what she talks about here in this video at the point in video between 34 and 36 minutes. It's a way she plots something similar to the way a parabolic plots with the dots except it helps her visualize waves.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-CqjBHf7yA Good trading to you!
NXT2017 Harpingo
@Harpingo, I will look :)
Harpingo NXT2017
@NXT2017, thanks! I found out it is Filtered Waves idea from Arthur Merril, except she uses highest and lowest points instead of highest and lowest closing and ATR instead of percent. Well anyway haha interesting she is so smart.
NXT2017 Harpingo
@Harpingo, Hi Harpingo! I had try to code a script. The indicator "Filtered Waves" I have published yet.

In addition, you can see the code to modify on your own wishes.

Look here:
Harpingo NXT2017
@NXT2017, So awesome!! Thank you so much I will have a look :)
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