Multi Timeframe EMA Golden Ropes [SOMMI 1.0 EDIT]

Come and try out my famous Golden Ropes 💛💛💛💛

When a boxer is in the ring, they lean on the ropes for safety. And I provide this technique here, to you for free! 🥊 🏆


How SOMMI uses his Golden Ropes...

It is simple 200 period EMA .

Be bullish when price is above it, and be bearish when price is below it.

This is meant to establish a bias, and not a strategy by itself.

- You can use this with a strategy such as Stochastics, RSI or MACD . 💚
- For example, when we're above the Golden Ropes, look for "dips" to buy, using your indicator 🧡
- And when we are below the Golden Ropes, look for "peaks" to sell. 💙
- Make sure you use a stop which is just beyond the Golden Ropes, if you are close to it.


Two of my favorite scalping strategies...


- The market is trending one way (example: Down) and then comes back and touches the Golden Rope and holds there.
- This is a great selling opportunity, most indicators will tell you to sell at this point. Lean on the Golden ropes!


- The market is slowly grinding upwards and comes back near the Golden Ropes, and holds.
- Buy the dip, and put a stop beyond the Golden Ropes. 💛



- The market has been grinding one way for a long time, on your selected time-frame. In this example, imagine it's been going up...
- It comes back towards the Golden Ropes and CUTS right through it on the downside.
- Sell through the Golden Rope, with a stop just above it.
- You MUST have a good price on this strategy, if you are too late and miss it, avoid FOMO and wait for the next trade!


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