MTF - Options Strike Price - Screener & Alerts

Hi fellow traders ,
Pleased to share an MTF – Option Strike Price Screener.
It Screens 15 tickers for your set Strike Prices in the input column or you can also set the Stop Loss/target prices for your portfolio watch list in a single input window.
All you need to do is attach to any chart and set the periodicity of the to your desired alert() frequency requirement.
Now go to the input settings icon of the script and set your tickers, timeframe and option strike prices or if you would like to track your individual ticker stop loss or target prices!
Set the alert from the menu as usual click - Any alert() function call and bingo you are done!!
In all of 2-3 minutes you can set your Option Strike Alerts or TP’s or SL’s for 15 stocks of your portfolio..
Only a single alert() will track 15 tickers across multiple time frames..
Once your Alert is hit you may need to change the input settings and save as default and again set an alert() and delete the last alert()..
No more opening multiple charts and setting individual time consuming alerts().
Happy trading with TV..
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