10X Moving Average Dingue V5

10X Moving Averages into 1 indicator - This is the updated V5 for PineScript 5

This moving average indicator lets you quickly visualize what is happening with the price.

Color-coded for easy visualization of all 10 MAs at the same time.
Fill in colors that let you see expansion and contraction between MAs and also if MAs are above or under each other plus if they are rising or falling.

10 Different Moving Averages give you full control over how you trade. You can have many long-term trends, mixed in with short-term MA. You can mix and match MA types to give a better idea of what other traders might see, important levels, etc… You can select from a wide range of MA Type: 'SMA', 'SMMA', 'EMA', 'DEMA', 'TEMA', 'WMA', 'VWMA', 'KAMA', 'FRAMA', 'TRIMA', 'ALMA', 'HMA', 'LSMA', 'ZLEMA', 'ViDYA', 'JMA', 'T3'

You can select different settings for EACH MA ie. Their type, length, line size, fill or not.

You can quickly ‘Override’ all MA's types by selecting an Override Type. That way you can quickly keep your settings and compare them with another type.

In the same way, you can turn ON/OFF all 10xMA at the same time with one button.

You can plot a moving average of all the 10x moving averages and plot just that one.

'Tool tips' explain much of the settings but if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thank you for the feedback and check all my ‘Dingue’ indicators.

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