RSI Strategy

Simple way how to use RSI and MA indicators for trading.

What we use:
SMA calculated by RSI (title: SMA_RSI)
• Delta of RSI and SMA_RSI (title: delta)
SMA calculated by delta of RSI and SMA & RSI (title: SMA_RSI2)

Upon the fact that we use the difference between two indicators that have similar values ( RSI and SMA_RSI), we get number around zero. Next, result is smoothed by calculated the SMA . This is the blue/purple line that appears on the chart - SMA_RSI2.
The trade open when SMA_RSI2 cross over the threshold. The trade close when SMA_RSI2 cross under the threshold below.
Also, the usual EMA 200 is used as a filter, which you can switch on or switch off.

You can try auto trading for this strategy here:
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