My first script is this strategy and it contains 3 different indicators and gives you buy and sell signals according to the strategies you choose.
Please select only one strategy type. If you choose strategies that combine 2 or 3 indicators, please set the "lookback" option.
My goal is to make this strategy better than this by the feedbacks from you and add alarm etc. to script.
Please let me know your feedbacks. This is just a strategy, your actions are at your own risk. Best lucks.
Notes de version: HARSI option selected as default.

-----------------HOW TO USE-------------
1st SIGNAL HARSI-------
if you want to see HARSI candles u can add also "Heikin Ashi RSI Oscillator" indicator. When candles turn green from red it means buy signal. BUT it is important: you can enter after 3-5 candle past as green. but after 7-8 green candle it is risky to enter because u missed the train alredy. So you can change Lookback for HARSI setup to 3-4-5 bars. it means it will count green sticks after red stick finished. Example : HARSI candles R for Red canles G for green candles : R R R R G G G G G if you choose lookback for HARSI as 1 : it will give signal at R R R R "G" G G G G first green.
if you pick 2 : R R R R "G" "G" G G G it will give signals at both first and second bars.
if you pick 3 : R R R R "G" "G" "G" G G it will give signals for 3 bars.

2nd SIGNAL SSL---------

İt is showing trend when red line is upper side and green line down it means downtrend,
when red line downside and green upped side it means uptrend.

İt is simple to understand when buy or sell: when it crossover and red line is donwside it means buy

3rd SIGNAL CORAL ----------
You can see green and red dots in chart, when red dots turn to green dot it means buy signal and when green dots turn to red dots it means sell signal. if you adjust lookback Coral Settings it will give signals before the last appropriate dot.
Example: R for red dot G for green dot R R R R G G G R R in this example R R R R "G" G G R R is first buy signal if you choose Lookback for CORAL as 2 R R R R "G" "G" G R R it will give 2 buy signal.

Normally when these 3 signals are appeared same time it is time to enter positions.
with this strategy i cant give you best solution because coral signal or harsi signals comes early or late so it cant give suberbuy or supersell signal every time but if you look signals and if they are close to each other it is the best strategy to enter positions.

why this lookbacks important, i will give you some examples how to use these selections
R for red candles and red dots D for Downtrend U for Uptrend
HARSI R R R "G" G G G G G G at 4th bar
CORAL R R R R "G" G G G G G at 5th bar
SSL channel D D D D D "U" U U U U at 6th bar

in this example if you choose SSL&HARSI&CORAL strategy it wont give superbuy signal but it is perfect time to enter.
So how i can catch this signal? if you adjust lookback for Coral 1 and lookback for HARSI 2 it will catch the buy signal.

i hope you understand all thing well. I am trying to give superbuy signal in better way buy until i improve it, u can check it manually :)
Notes de version: ------Converted to V5
------Visual enhancement
Search for best profitable setup for your chart !!!
Change time periods, change lookback's variables, change strategys and TEST all.

Good lucks...

Next update==>> i will try to add more strategy options like dont enter "buy" on OverBuy zone or dont enter "sell" in OverSell Zone etc.
Notes de version: Fixed some bugs:
For example:
old version: if you'd choose Lookback HARSI 4 it was comparing current bar and 4th bar back from current. So it was not perfect solution to find change, because if there is any change at 3rd or 2nd bar before current it couldnt catch it.
New version: Now it looks last 4 bar and if there is any change it gives signal to buy or sell.
Now i will try to solve SSL problem (it is looking after crossover moment so it cant catch if there is any change after 2 or more bar after crossover.
And please change options of Strategy to look performance of indicator. İnitial capital 100 , order size : 100 USDT or fiat etc.
Notes de version: fixed bugs.
Notes de version: Changed default values...
Notes de version: Added SSL lookback and fixed some bugs.
Notes de version: fixed strategy "start time"... dont forget to like :)

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