SADX+DI - Smoothed Average Directional Index by CrypTaux

This script is based on ADX /DI and I use it to enter when trend is in early stage, then ride it & exit at the right time (that's the theory)

ADX is shown as histogram :
- light silver bars = price is under thresold but still no trend, be patient.
- strong gray bars = prepare to enter the trade soon
- blue bars = price momentum so ride the trend
- yellow bars = do not trade (price reverts or consolidates)

Background color/bottom area based on DI+/DI- :
- green = uptrend
- red = downtrend

Top pink triangles appears when ADX is relatively low based on "lookback" history (not based on previous static threshold) so a new trend may happens so stay alerts.

- Prepare for enter when bars turn dark gray and/or pink triangles appears.
- Enter position as soon as you see blue bar (Long or Short as indicated by the area color)
- and Exit on first yellow bar.

Quite simple, works on multiple HTF/ LTF and might be used with graphical analysis to find best opportunities.
Enjoy :)

Version 35.
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can you please grant me the code access for this script? I am a ADX lover and want to implement this strategy into my trading algorithm. Thanks
cryptaux Thinkologist
Hi @Thinkologist, thank you for your message. I also find that ADX is very helpful when trading momentum, in my top 3 indicators :)

I don't want to publish the source at the moment, but here is when I add the "pink triangles" showing ADX is in a strong compression (squeeze) period :
is_adx_squeeze = (adx_value == lowest(adx_value, user_lookback_bars))
So ADX is in strong compression (boolean 'is_adx_squeeze') when ADX value ('adx_value') is the lowest point for 'user_lookback_bars' (input value set by default to 30).

And the area below ADX bars is the absolute difference between DI+ and DI- values.
@cryptaux, thank you for the elaboration. I believe the ADX line itself has a different calculation than the original in your oscillator, because I see ups and downs are slightly differ from the built-in ADX indicator in Tradingview. i appreciate if you let me know if you have made any changes in the ADX formula itself that it moves smoother than the original?

cryptaux Thinkologist
Good guess :)

I don't remember where I've read about it but it was said that TV version of ADX was wrong at the time. I'm not a pro to tell which is exact, but I've searched for functions to get DI+, DI- and ADX that are used in this script. You can see them here (it was not my source but it is available in multiples scripts on TV) :
The dirmove() and adx() functions are the same as mine.

This script should have no secret for you now ;-)
@cryptaux, thanks mate, wish you wealth and health !
its a nice script.. ADX is undermined.. only if people knew how to use it.
great job. i wish the code was available to the public