RSI buy sell force

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This inidicator show by RSI buy and sell force
the blue is the buy
red line is the sell
gray is avreage of the two
when blue above red is a buy , blue bellow red is a sell.
very simple and nice indicator
Notes de version: fix the the issue for time distance .
so now i think it work better
Notes de version: another minor fix
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Thanks for sharing the indicator. One observation I want to share - The indicator is now showing different values (Blue, Red, and Average) than what it was showing a few hours back.
I did not change any setup values but I had to add the indicator again as I mistakenly removed it. This time, the indicator showed different values. I was testing something and was pretty excited as the indicator was giving pretty good results; I took a snapshot a few hours back so could see the difference.
Is the code changed recently?
@Rajjai, yep. it did not work for daily and 1 min chart , so by request of users i change it. so it similar but calculation slight difference
Rajjai RafaelZioni
@RafaelZioni, Thanks for the quick response. Will it be possible for you to share the earlier source code (prior to this change)? I was analyzing it on 4hrs chart and it was going pretty good.
Plz reply
Sir how to get this indicator is it paid
shofar495 shofar495
RafaelZioni shofar495
@shofar495, it open free source
Sir my name shoaib how to get this indicator & from where
RafaelZioni shofar495
@shofar495, it open source. So it need to be in database. Or you Just copi the script and upload it to your screen
@Rafealzioni how do I get the indicator?
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