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This is a simple grid box that will calculate the number of total shares you can trade on two different stocks based on a principal amount you enter in the settings. The indicator updates throughout the trading day as price changes. The 25% column tells you the number of shares you can "scale into" the trade, 1/4 at a time, up to the total number of shares below.

The reason I built this indicator, is that I trade on a platform that isn't as flexible as some other platforms in terms of entering monetary amounts I want to trade in a stock. I have to enter the number of shares I want to purchase. Additionally, in some of the accounts I trade, I need to monitor both the Bull ETF and the Bear ETF, so it's helpful to have them side by side.

I was tired of going back and forth to excel and my trading platform! To use this, simply update the principal amount you have to trade, and update the Ticker symbols you want to use. Colors and grid placement are customizable.
Notes de version:
Updating the preview screen so that users can more clearly see the indicator. No real changes to script, other than a short title change so I could save the update.

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