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This indicator will calculate and plot your stop loss, according to your wallet size, order size, entry price, leverage and the pourcentage of risk that you want to consider.

Here is screenshot of the menu of the indicator :

The alert are also available if you desire to know if your stop loss is reached :

Please contact me by email in order to get access to this indicator. Please note that by subscribing to my offer, you will have access to all indicators I made and and the futur indicators I will develop according to the demand of the community.
Contact me at:
Messages are welcome also in order to improve my indicators.

After subscribing, all indicators will be added into your under invitation indicators list or you can have a look on my Tradingview page :

I hope my indicators will help you !
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Hi, thanks for access, actually i just noticed, thanks again.
It seems good, can i use it please?
Waiting for access, thanks.
KenLeShim Faisal_TvAn
@Faisal_TvAn, Hi, Done.
interesting script, can I get access, please?
great script...can i get access please?..thanks..
KenLeShim guihl1980
@guihl1980, thank you for your interest. As mentioned into the description, please send an email to requesting an access to the indicators. Thank you.
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