OBV Trend Indicator by Bruno Moscan

OBV Trend is a modification I made in other scripts, so that after months of testing, I got a very accurate indicator as to the right moment to enter a high-yield trade.

The red line indicates the very short-term OBV variation, counting the last 3 candles.
The yellow line shows the short-term OBV variation, counting the last 9 candles.
The white line shows the medium-term OBV variation, counting the last 21 candles.

The trend is up (Bull Market) while the order of the lines on the chart is Red/Yellow/White.
The trend is Bear Market while the order of the lines on the chart is White/Yellow/Red.

If the Yellow line is in the first position, either from bottom to top, or from top to bottom, it is a sign that the trend is changing, reversing, wait for the lines to organize before entering the movement.

When the lines are so close together that it is difficult to understand the correct order of the lines, it means that you are facing the best possible entry point. Wait for the lines to separate, at the first perfect food signal as described above, enter the movement, at this point, your stoploss may be very short, positioned at the base of the last candlestick.

The indicator works best on H1, H2, H4 and D1. In the Weekly until the signal reversal occurs, you can lose several days, sometimes weeks. On minute charts, there are many reversals and you can be stopped many times.

Good trends.

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