10yr, 20yr, 30yr Averages: Month/Month % Change; Seasonality

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Calculates 10yr, 20yr and 30yr averages for month/month % change

~shows seasonal tendencies in assets (best in commodities ). In above chart: August is a seasonally bullish month for Gold: All the averages agree. And January is the most seasonally bullish month.
~averages represent current month/previous month. i.e. Jan22 average % change represents whole of jan22 / whole of dec21
~designed for daily timeframe only: I found calling monthly data too buggy to work with, and I thought weekly basis may be less precise (though it would certainly reduce calculation time!)
~choose input year, and see the previous 10yrs of monthly % change readings, and previous 10yrs Average, 20yr Average, 30yr Average for the respective month. Labels table is always anchored to input year.
~user inputs: colors | label sizes | decimal places | source expression for averages | year | show/hide various sections
~multi-yr averges always print, i.e if only 10yrs history => 10yr Av = 20yr Av = 30yr Av. 'History Available' label helps here.

Based on my previously publised script: "Month/Month Percentage % Change, Historical; Seasonal Tendency"
Publishing this as seperate indicator because:
~significantly slower to load (around 13 seconds)
~non-premium users may not have the historical bars available to use 20yr or 30yr averages =>> prefer the lite/speedier version

~after loading, touch the new right scale; then can drag the table as you like and seperate it from price chart

Comment-in the block at the end:
~test/verifify specific array elements elements.
~see the script calculation/load time

~~other ideas ~~
~could tweak the array.slice values in lines 313 - 355 to show the last 3 consecutive 10yr averages instead (i.e. change 0, 10 | 0,20 | 0, 30 to 0, 10 | 10, 20 | 20,30)
~add 40yr average by adding another block to each of the array functions, and tweaking the respective labels after line 313 (though this would likely add another 5 seconds to the load time)
~use alternative method for getting obtaining multi-year values from individual month elements. I used array. avg . You could try array.median, array.mode, array.variance, array.max, array.min (lines 313-355)
Notes de version: show current month as different color and label size.
Notes de version: Fixed occastional double-print glitch by changing from barstate.islast to barstate.islastconfirmedhistory
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