OPAL - Sense

→ Hi everyone, very proud to publish my unique leading oscillator ! ←

Sense is a "leading indicator" : it shows what can happen in the future, meanwhile a lagging indicator like MAs shows past sentiment.
Sense diverging with Price ? Care at the reversal !
It can be a great tool to upgrade your timings, after a divergence for example, to snipe reversals or to find Trend entries.
This tool is used for sniping in our levels trading setup (in our trading community)

Sense is made of everything you know about common indicators :

[ First smoothed everything myself, then created multiple settings on some of them,
Made two oscillating custom weighted averages, fast one is based on more than 10 indicators and slow one more than 5 indicators,
and some indicators are used multiple times to reduce noise.
The curves are modified and accelerated using Fisher Transform / Fourier Fast / Ehlers White Noise. ]

>>> Basically shows situations where almost all the known indicators reach interesting points in Overbought and Oversold zones

Signals provided :
*Visible and Hidden Minor OB/OS Crosses (Small Arrows)
*Visible and Hidden Major OB/OS Crosses (Bigger Arrows)
*Visible and Hidden Major and Minor Confluence in OB/OS Zones (Rockets/Blood)

*Background Smart Coloring when price reaches OB/OS Zones :
- blue/purple = entering OB/OS Zones
- green/red = extrem multiple OB/OS situation
*Coloration of Middle Line based on std Price Deviation

*Smart Divergences spotting : applied level filter to get divergences that reached OB/OS Zones at least once.
Divergences are scanned twice for confirmation<

*Full alerting system on :
- Full signals = blood and rockets
- Half signals = bigger arrows
- Minor signals = small arrows
- Dual Divergences = on both oscillators (slow & fast)

1) What is the curve i see on Sense ? => It is my homemade oscillator, described above
2) What are thoses Zones around the curve ? => Overbought/Oversold Zones
3) What are those dots on the curve ? => When the oscillator crosses its Triggerline
4) What are those little arrows ? => Printing minor Overbought/Oversold situations
5) What are those bigger arrows ? => Printing major Overbought/Oversold situations
6) What are those Blood dots/ Rockets ? => Printing Confluence situations in Overbought/Oversold Zones
7) Why is background coloring ? => I applied smart coloration based on oscillators location (see above coloration meaning)
8) What are those lines between curve spikes ? => Situations when Price and oscillator are doing different moves, basically divergences, meaning a correction can happen sooner or later

Should be strong on almost every timeframe !
Always backtest, watch, then use or not in your trading strategy.
If you like my work, leave a like :)

Hoping you success !
Notes de version: modified medium signals (big arrows) symbols to bull & bear emojis :)
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