--vdr 1min Open-Close

Hi, people!
It is my first own script based on my own thoughts.
This works without repainting because it uses only price action: open & close.
Play with offset/offset_to close to find out better weights for your playing style.
Try GER30 in 5min with 6.36/2.54 or 1 Min 3.46/0.14.
Works very well with JPN225 , US30, S&P . For USOIL-> 0.0201/0.001 try:)

Enjoy the script!
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strategy("--vdr 1min Open-Close", overlay=true, calc_on_every_tick=true, calc_on_order_fills=true)

//1 Min 3.82- Very good, 4.53, 9.96; 5 Min->14.96: 5MIN-> 6.36(2.54)
// find out the offset for S&P and Dow Jones as well. for USOIL 0.201

offset = input(6.36, minval=0.01, step=0.1)
offset_to_close = input(2.54, minval=0.001, step=0.1)

from_year=input(2016, minval=2000, maxval=2020)
from_month=input(3, minval=1, maxval=12)
from_day=input(1, minval=1, maxval=31)

to_year=input(2016, minval=2007, maxval=2020)
to_month=input(12, minval=1, maxval=12)
to_day=input(31, minval=1, maxval=31)

in_time()=> (time >= (timestamp(from_year, from_month, from_day, 00, 00)) and time < (timestamp(to_year, to_month, to_day, 00, 00)))

//Choose your close condition :)
closeLongV1  = (open-close)>offset_to_close or (close-open)<offset_to_close
closeLongV2  = (open-close)>offset_to_close and (open-low)>(high-close)
closeLongV3  = (open-close)>0 or (close-open)<offset_to_close

closeShortV1 = (close-open)>offset_to_close or (open-close) <offset_to_close
closeShortV2 = (close-open)>offset_to_close and (close-low)>(high-open)
closeShortV3 = (close-open)>0 or (open-close) <offset_to_close

openLong = in_time() and (close-open)>offset
openShort= in_time() and (open-close)>offset

strategy.entry("LONG", strategy.long, when= openLong)
strategy.close("LONG",  when = closeLongV3 and not openShort)
strategy.entry("SHORT", strategy.short, when =openShort)
strategy.close("SHORT", when = closeShortV3 and not openLong)
Thanks very much for sharing this! I think you may be seeing better results than you would get in reality though by running the strategy on Heiken Ashi charts - you would probably want to run it off a standard chart and use the heikenashi() function to retrieve the data you want - that way, you can be sure your backtest results are being calculated from the actual price, not the price the Heiken Ashi bars are showing you.
vDr78 andy-walker
you welcome! There is a new Version of this: :) try it out:
will it work on FTSE 100
vDr78 FtseSignals
Play with offset/offset_to close to find out better weights for your playing style.
Change this input parameters and tune you script. Share your results here. I played with GER30/JPN225
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