PRO Sinewave


It watches the prices movements and see if there is cyclical components in it or not (a market that is not cyclical is basically in trend (either buyers or sellers are predominant).
The indicator then studies those price cycles and process them through a sophisticated algorithm (3 years of day by day improvements) that is detecting the ones that can produce high probabilty of reliable action.
There's no magic.. just a lot of quality work. Of course using algorithmic signals requires mastering them... And this means you'll have to get through practicing and learning instead of thinking about free easy money ! Nothing can be that easy but the rules aren't that complicated either ! Read this step by step tutorial may already give you a glimpse of the first key rules and personnal tips I'll share with you !..

This indicator setup is quite efficient all by itself but of course this is highly recommanded to combine it with another technical indication that have uncorrelated source. My first suggestion is of course to combine with momentum Analysis and that's why I personnally use Sinewave in a very strong couple relation with PRO Momentum (currently recoding it in PineScript). But there are of course many other possibilities for people who don't need to have very complex momentum analysis They can rely on standard RSI or other momentum like oscilators.
An interesting combination can also be made with Volume Analysis through "Volume Profiles" & "Market Profile" approach. BUT this will be totally worthless to combine it with other complex price analysis like Ichimoku (Sinewave will give you better signals). Moving averages, bollinger bands , Keltner channel, and other volatility /averaging based indicators can help if you fancy them, but there's no obligation and I personally think that it's way better to keep the chart as clean as possible.. Combination are nearly infi-nite so.. be creative ! but please avoid typical indicator exceed charts.. Your trading signal must never come out of more than 3-4 indications. if you have more, then it's more chances to confuse you and lower the confidence you have in your positions... which is terrible.

Allright folks ! Hope I caught your interest with this indicator !
Don't hesitate to comment as well if you have any question suggestion or review to share. I'll answer to everyone !

Code is available via INVITE ONLY and can be unlocked by subscription plan.
THE PRICING IS A SYMBOLIC 1€/DAY + A FREE 1 WEEK TRIAL so you'll be sure not to get caught into something you don't like ! Only something you use daily !
Subscriptions are handled by Paypal and you can choose billing cycle from standard monthly payment to as low as the 1€ daily payment. Recurrent payments that you can stop at ANY TIME.
To get your access visit :
Notes de version: This is the first update of the signal filtering algorithm. This has tremendously improved the quality of signals.
I've added one more signal to the list :

- REV signal

These signals will generally highlight swing spots. These cycles will have high reversal properties and should be taken accordingly.
Agressive trades will have a very nice chance to enter with a tight stop.
Low risk profile traders will wait for a breakout following these signals to enter the new trend after that reversal.
For both the signal obviously means that all in trend profits have to be taken at this point !

Anyway despite that code update, I wanted to say that I'm now working on PRO Momentum, that should come within weeks from now. Then it will be PRO Analyzer and after that I'll focus on making tutorial videos for your folks as well as creating a PDF manual that will of course be offered with all subscriptions. In the meantime you can stil practice with the tutorial tips given ;)

Wish you good Trades !
Notes de version: Corrected the issue that caused early alerts to trigger on every new bar... that was annoying, specially on shorter timeframes.
Notes de version: *** Minor Bugfixes
*** Added a few new rules in the signal algorithm

> I'm now working on a PDF tutorial + a vidéo training course to be released soon.
Notes de version: Added an alert for Breakouts only as a user requested. Low risk profile traders can now sit back and relax.. just wainting for breakouts to happen !
Notes de version: ****** MAJOR UPDATE ******
introducing :
  • Volatility auto-adjusment algo added. It drastically improved signaling.
  • 18 new complex patterns added to the filter algoritm.
  • Solved the bug that caused error "No depth at Index" on small timeframes.
  • improved the computation for a faster plotting.
  • INTRODUCED THE PDF USER MANUAL (click here to download it)

You now have everything needed to take the best out of these indicators !
Notes de version: 5 new pattern scanned (3 reversals 2 exits)
Notes de version: Update to fix the "Cannot compile Script" errors.
> This error may still happen (specially when TradingView servers are under huge traffic hours)... If this happens to you > contact me via Private Messages or at
Notes de version: dark color version coming soon for dark theme traders. Check the script folder of my profile to grab it.
Notes de version: I had to make deep changes to the script because it was reaching limits of TradingView's capacities.
I made some compromises. Here's what's new :
  • The "REV" reverse pattern is no longer supported.
  • I added a confirmation signal (can be turned off via settings). This gives you precise entry points within a bullish or bearish cycle.
    This looks like a little red/blue triangle above/below the candle that confirms the trading signal.
    The signals appear for the last 25 visible bars only to avoid overloading the chart.
    Use them as confirmation or low risk entry points depending on your risk profile to trading.
  • Changed the names of BUY & SELL cycles to BULL & BEAR to make it more relevant to what they represent.
  • Some patterns have been removed, but the most relevant ones have been updated quite effectively.

This is what the confirmation signal looks like on a chart :
Notes de version: Slightly improved the cycle detection algorithm.
Notes de version: Changed quite some things about the render process. Targets lines have been improved. I'll update the PDF manuals in couple days.
Also reworked the alert system. If you want to be alerted on confirmed signals (at bar close) you can now use the new built-in option within the Alert pop-up.
Notes de version: Simply corrected a little issue and slightly updated the confirmation signal algo (little triangles)
Notes de version: Corrected some bugs
Notes de version: MAJOR UPDATE :
Notes de version: *** BUG FIX ***
Nothing changed but the bugfix
Script sur invitation seulement

L'accès à ce script est limité aux utilisateurs autorisés par l'auteur et nécessite généralement un paiement. Vous pouvez l'ajouter à vos favoris, mais vous ne pourrez l'utiliser qu'après avoir demandé et obtenu l'autorisation de son auteur. Contactez PRO_Indicators pour plus d'informations, ou suivez les instructions de l'auteur ci-dessous.

TradingView ne suggère pas de payer pour un script et de l'utiliser tant que vous n'avez pas confiance à 100% en son auteur et que vous ne comprenez pas comment il fonctionne. Dans de nombreux cas, vous pouvez trouver une bonne alternative open-source gratuite dans notre Bibliothèque publique.

Vous voulez utiliser ce script sur un graphique ?

Avertissement : Veuillez lire avant de demander l'accès.

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can i please have access
+5 Répondre
Do the signals shown repaint? thanks
+5 Répondre
I am currently using your two indicators and finding them really helpful'
I am a trader of some experience but relatively new to futures trading for which I am trying your indicators and in conjunction with correlations I am getting some good results.
My funds are limited and I want to keep expenses to a minimum so I have a suggestion.
I am a French speaker - bit rusty now but was fluent and I am a uni educated ( English studies) native English speaker- Australian English to be exact.
I love listening to your french on your videos - very clear, very educated and very interesting.
Your English is very impressive. I wish my written French was half as good.
There are,however, quite a number of occasions when you do not express something the way a native speaker would.
The meaning is clear but there are many times when the way you express is not exactly colloquially correct and to a native it does not sound quite right - although it is very cute- Haha.
How about a deal.
I will modify your pdf for you, correct any grammatical mistakes and make it read as it would if totally the work of a native English speaker in exchange for use of your indicator free for say a year.
As I said, the meaning of your instructions, descriptions etc is clear and I would enjoy the little project, if you are in agreement.
If you like I could give you a few examples from the pdf of preferable ways of saying things - once brought to your attention I think you will see how it could have been expressed.
Anyway, thanks and once again, all the best with your quality work.
I love your video presentatio as I said. is there any thought of doing them in English too?
Hope you are back to normal spring weather - love the way French cities come alive when the weather changes.
ps my email is or skype may be convenient.

+4 Répondre
PRO_Indicators andy.grope
@andy.grope, You just got yourself a deal. I like the idea, I like the way you put it ;) Let's simply do it !
Hi could I have access to this script? Thanks!
+3 Répondre
can i get trial?
+2 Répondre
Getting warmer! Interesting indicator. Will sign up and give you a detailed report offline using it on both demo and live accounts. My background is physics and DSP software engineering and have been coding EA's for about 3 years in MT4. I can integrate this into a plethora of over 800 EA algos, and 450+ indicators I have built both news and non-news based EA's with a master EA that controls all the algo EA's and a sophisticated money control EA. How does this algo handle gappers from news or is it non-news only (I saw your gapper indicator and read about it - currently my Master EA will stop any/all non-news EA's when news is detected and the data is automatically pulled from the release (e.g. NFP) and put into a series of news algos, and when it starts to relax from the heavy volatility, it turns off and turns on all EA's on all currency pair charts in every timeframe, and provides a prioritization which also affects how money control is handled. Is this indicator timeframe agnostic or is it better for a particular timeframe? Do you also provide optimized parameter settings files for different pairs each with different timeframes or leave that to the trader to determine? What level of optimization have you completed or is it up to end-user/trader to optimize the paramter settings for a particluar pair on a particular timeframe? You mentioned an alert for the breakouts I imagine both resistance and support, so, if you can also display an arrow going up or down for the breakout, then both can be used as indicator buffers and I will construct an EA to auto-trade on those IBs (uncertain if Trading View allows for such I am new to this web based portal - even if not porting code, can write a quick MT4 bridge with a DLL import of both indicator buffers into my EA system that simply opens short and long positions. Does your indicator also have buffers or alarms for when to close a trade (predictive algorithm for determining market reversal, then its easy to close, and automate re-opening of a new position in the opposing direction and voile - an amazing scalper that could make a lot of money on auto-pilot). I have several predictive algorithmic EA's, one which is very accurate and still modeling in Matlab, and predicts up to 100 bars in advance with >85% accuracy...and would be outstanding to tie in to this indicator, among all of your others listed into my EA infrastructure using MT4, even if just as a set of indicator buggers with magic numbers for each.
Last, Can you provide MQL source to be compiled in MT4 (only saw FXCM platform and tradingview on your website)? If not no worries, I can easily port to MQL from Pine, but that would make things easier, and of course, once I get it optimized using 99% tick data and the backtester with "Tick Data Suite", if you are willing to collaborate, we can both use the EA with merged source code and highly advanced money control to suit your risk tolerance that will auto-adjust however you set it up (I saw you also have a money control indicator. Does the bundle package contain everything or just the 4 indicators listed in the pull-down? Sorry for so many questions, however, the above was not answered on your website (if it is I could not find the information)...I would hope serious traders would want to know this information as well, so answering here as opposed to in private maybe very useful for many, unless you prefer to answer in private just send me an email directly. Hope to hear back from you soon and love all of your work - it will compliment my work well I believe...Thank you and once I get the questions answered I will d-load ALL of your indicators and subscribe to all of them.
+2 Répondre
savagezhu jerbear45
@jerbear45, Thank you for deep diving and posing those questions to @PRO_Indicators. I agree. Serious traders would. I'm a software engineer as well who has been truly fascinated by MQL source code and it's versatility. I've been researching MT4/5 script for a few weeks now. I'd love to be a "fly on the wall" in this reply/conversation. Any way possible to get a thread reply PRO_Indicators? Thanks PRO_Indicators
+1 Répondre
Are these script compatible with any MT4 terminal or just strictly for Trading view. If yes,how do I subscribe ?
+1 Répondre
can i have access please
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