Ichimoku Signals Dashboard + All Alerts [Takazudo, JustInNovel]

This is a dashboard you can use to quickly assess the status of 8 different Ichimoku signals. It allows you to set 1 alert per time period to get alerts for each of the 8 signals listed below.

In the order shown in the indicator and in the tooltip visible by hovering over the "HELP" button, the Ichimoku signals are:

1. Kumo breakout
2. Tk Cross
3. Is price above or below conversion line?
4. Is price above or below base line?
5. Kumo Twist
6. Future Kumo Cloud color
7. Is lagging span touching, in, above, or below the Kumo Cloud?
8. Is lagging span above or below the price bar?

IMPORTANT. This indicator is a derivative indicator from the original created by TradingView user Takazudo and his version is available here:
This version enhances the original in several ways:
1. The order of the signals has now been changed. The two most important signals (to me) are now listed first: Kumo Breakout and Tk Cross. Additionally, all of the signals have been organized into two groups, separated by the Kumo Twist bar. The top group includes signals that are leading indicators of imminent changes to the trend. The second group includes signals that are leading indicators of near term changes to the trend. The groups are divided by the Kumo Twist signal, but the Kumo Twist signal itself is a near term leading indicator as well.
2. The Kumo Breakout and Tk Cross signals now include 4 new colors: bright green, pale green, bright red, and pale red. These colors symbolize SUPER BULLISH , WEAK BULLISH , SUPER BEARISH , and WEAK BEARISH , respectively. These colors are derived from the rules in the Medium article mentioned below.
3. Suport for the Kumo Twist has been added. White means that a BULLISH Kumo Twist has occurred (Kumo Cloud is now green). Blue means that a BEARISH Kumo Twist has occurred (Kumo Cloud is now red).
4. The text to the side of the indicator has been removed and replaced with a "HELP" button. This allows you to get a quick reminder of what each bar means in a less distracting/more minimalistic way.
5. Alerts. You only need to add ONE alert to be alerted for each of the 8 signals per time period. This is because I've added each signal status change to an alert function ( alert() ).
6. The MTF functionality that was broken in the original has been removed, which simplifies the code. You can add this indicator to a multi-pane layout to be able to see multiple time periods at once.

A big thanks goes to Takazudo for the original indicator.

If you have questions, please leave a comment.
Notes de version: Quick update: I added a note to the HELP button so that you can see the time period the dashboard is currently using.
Notes de version: Changes:
  • Updated the Kumo breakout logic so that you are notified as soon as price closes above or below the cloud, not when a price bar closes above or below the cloud without touching the cloud at all.
  • Updated the text content for some of the alerts.
Notes de version: Updated the text for some of the alerts. No functional changes in this update.
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