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About TD Sequential

The Sequential Indicator was first designed by Tom DeMark in the 1970's, by hand, through a process of trial and error. It has since been improved and it is now a trusted indicator by Wall Street’s traders.

TD Sequential can be helpful for market-timing purpose in conjunction to your favorite trading tools. It attempts to isolate prospective exhaustion points in ranges, to anticipate market tops and bottoms when it believes prices are overbought or oversold and during trends when sentiment is invariably at an extreme.

The adaptability of TD sequential is its main strength; it can be applied to any timeframe and any asset class to the point that it will fit your profile, whether you are a day trader or a long-term investor. Traders oriented to fundamentals will also find this helpful for determine take-profit levels when they would otherwise be reliant on a less-efficient price-reversal pattern to close out a profitable position.
Notes de version: Color Update
Notes de version: Screen Setup
Notes de version: Add additional inputs
Fix Recycle cancelation and color
Notes de version: - Recycle Flag (R) set color to orange when start and end on same candle
- Color update fits best white and black screens
- Access: MATHR3E
Notes de version: - Small Fix on TDST Lines
- Intermediate TDST Lines will be included on another script: TDST+
Notes de version: Setup Minor Fix
Notes de version: Screen Setup for URL
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Notes de version: 2019/07/04 Release

I am pleased to announce a new version of TD Sequential.
List of changes compared with previous version:

TD Setup:
On 9 Setups, an additional step is added to check if a Countdown is already in place.
In case a previous Countdown (A) is detected, a new nested Countdown (B) initiate without ending the (A) Countdown.
You will be able to detect the start of a nested Countdown with a clear graphical indicator on 9 Setups:
- Start of Normal Countdown: 9
- Start of Nested Countdown:

Colors remain identical:
- Green/Red : Perfected BUY/SELL Setup
- Gray: Unperfected BUY/SELL Setup

TD Countdown:
Merge some numbers of the countdown into a unique special character: ❂
This Character replaces these numbers of the countdown phase: ③/④/⑥/⑦/⑨/⑩

TD Countdown Type:
With the replacement of some Countdown numbers with the special character (❂), it can be tricky to identify the actual count that takes place when a previous count ends.
To remedy this, a new input has been added (Countdown 1-12 Type) will allow you to show the initial stage of the nested countdown.
- Default Value is Normal.
- Possible values are Normal/Nested

Cancel of TD countdown:
As we may have now, 2 countdowns in place at the same moment, it is useful to identify which countdown is being cancelled. The X character remains the same to indicate a Countdown cancel.
Now these colors have been added to clarify which countdown is impacted:
- Green/Red : Main countdown
- Gray: Nested Countdown

Combo Countdown:
It is now possible to flex the end of the Combo countdown with an input parameter: (Flex C13 from Bar)
- Default Value is 12.
- Range Value is between 10 and 13

Countdown Rules :
It is now possible to select the Rule of the countdown with an input checkbox selection
The Strict Rule (Default one) takes into account bars 5 & 8 has a frontier level before reaching bar 13.
Without the strict countdown, only bar 8 is taken into account
- Default Value is true.
- Range Value is between 10 and 13

TDST Lines :
TDST Lines have been removed from SMA+Gold indicator and reintegrated to TD Sequential indicator
This was made possible with the inclusion the special character (❂)
Intermediate TDST are generated when a 9 Setup is not valid for the start of a Countdown phase.

For more details on this indicator, please check my profile
Notes de version: 2019/07/13 Release :
- Fix: Nested and Recycle Count bug
- Fix: TDST Support Intermediate Color
- New: TDST Lines are now parametrizable with source input (Close or High/Low value - Default value = Close)
- New: Strict A13 input (True/False - Default value = True)
With A13 strict Rules, Aggressive bar 13 needs to close bar 8
Notes de version: 2019/07/14 Release:
- Adding Script version number
- Current version: TDX+G-2.2
Notes de version: 2019/07/21 Release:
- Fix: TDST Lines bug
- Fix: Display overlap
- New: TDST Lines value selection (H/L;Open;Close)
- New: Additional condition for nested Countdown: setup 9 must be lower than lowest bar of previous combo countdown to be valid
- New: Version labeling: "TDX+G-2.3"
Notes de version: 2019/07/31 Release:
- Minor Fix: S13
- Fix: Recycle extension range bug
- New: Version labeling: "TDX+G-2.4"
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can i access to this great indicator?
I have been using your great TD sequential and combo indicators for a long time now. For some reason, the TradingView program is insisting that I seek permission from you to continue to use your indicators. I deleted the indicators by mistake and I cannot reapply them. I would greatly appreciate it if you would give me permission to continue to use the indicators.

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