Trend Trigger 15 Sec

The following are printed:

The FAST ma is a HULL smoothed transparent line that closely hugs the price bars. This is the trigger line. (default 9/3 length)

The MIDLINE ma is a HULL smoothed solid thick line that tries to show the short term trend and is used to confirm bias. (default 100 length)

The SLOWEST ma is a HULL smoothed transparent thicker line that tries to show the long term trend. It is not used in any calculation and only for visual aide. (default 200 length)

Every GREEN or RED tag that prints, will display the percentage change over the last 12 bars.

Every tag is the trigger that confirms:

1)The CLOSE is above the MIDLINE ma
2)The FAST ma is climbing (GREEN) or falling (RED)
3) RSI is climbing/falling and confirms direction with the FAST ma. The RSI has a length of 5 that is smoothed with a 7 period HULL.
4)The tag text will change from white to purple if the (very fast) RSI is above/equal to 85 or below/equal to 15.
5)The close is above either the last or second to last bar's close.
6)The percentage of change (of close) over the last 12 bars is more than 0.25% or less than -0.25%

Each trigger will print a stop line and targets at = 0.5x stop value, 1x stop value, 1.5x stop value, 2x stop value. These lines continue to print until the FAST ma changes direction. I use a formatted gamma box to easily overlay and extend those lines when needed.
Here is an example of the use of a gamma box to draw an actual entry. I draw set it up so that, while holding control; click on the 1st target line, then move far right and click in space so the 2nd target line ALIGNS with the pointer.


The LONG position stop value is calculated by determining the lowest low of the last 12 bars - 0.1*wma(atr(20),20).
The SHORT position stop value is calculated by determining the highest high of the last 12 bars + 0.1*wma(atr(20),20).

These calculations find the low of the last 3 minutes, extend it by a small amount, and then draws the stops and targets.

There is always a running tag that prints ahead of the current bar. It displays the percentage change in the current direction of the FAST ma. It also shows the RSI value which will turn purple if RSI is >=85 or <=15.

The circle and flag below the tag helps visually confirm the trend direction of the FAST and MIDLINE mas.

The circle colors in diction of the MIDLINE ma

The flag colors in the direction of the FAST ma.

When they are both RED, both lines confirm a SHORT entry.

When they are both GREEN, both lines confirm a LONG entry.

If you enable the PM signal, position entries will fire before 09h30m30s (coded begin time).

If you enable "backtest", prior days will show tags/targets/stops including PM times.

There is a single alarm option. It will fire for either a LONG or SHORT entry.
The alarm is listed as "SIGNAL".
Once it is armed, the alarm will show as active in the "Alerts" column, which will read: {{ticker}} {{plot_3}}% @ {{close}}
This will print (when fired):
The ticker,
The percentage of change over the last 12 bars. If the value is negative than the entry is trending DOWN, if this value is positive; than the entry is trending UP)
The price at which the alarm fired.
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