VXD Cloud Edition

VXD Cloud Edition.
to overcome sideways market conditions this cloud configured for low timeframe.
every TA is same as VXD Supercycle but show as cloud.

Symbols on chart show Premium and Discount Prices
X-Cross = Engulfing Candle with weak volume .
O-circle - Engulfing Candle with strong volume .

Pivot point and Rejected Block
Pivot show last High and low of a price in past bars
Rejected Block show when that High or Low price are important level to determined if it's Hidden Divergence or Divergence (with RSI )


Momentum: RSI = 25 , RSI MA = 14
Trend: Rolling VWAP and ATR and Subhag (Everthing show as a cloud)
Trailing STOP: ATR 12 x 2.4
Highlight Bars color when volume is above SMA 6
SMA200 act as TP Line

Risk:Reward Calculation
if Buy your Stoploss will be previous Pivot low
if Sell your Stoploss will be previous Pivot high
and TP line will be calculated form there, then show in Orange color line

Buy condition : Close is above Cloud and close above pivot high
Sell condition : Close is below Cloud and close below pivot low

Trip : add this to alerts setting.

Order {{strategy.order.action}} filled on {{ticker}} @ {{strategy.order.price}} {{strategy.order.alert_message}}.
Notes de version: What's new?
-Rolling VWAP is Removed
-Add Auto Position Sizing
-Add ability to edit cloud color
-Fixed TP line bug (now only show where an order is excuted)

Auto Position Sizing
Is calculate form our SL (Pivot High Low)
you can fixed how much you can lose per trade in the setting, this will helping you minimized your losing trade.

Notes de version: Minor Change Swap Position of Code.
Notes de version: Fixed mistaken text signal.
Notes de version: -Fixed SMA TP Line not working in some Timeframe.
Please comment for future improvement.
Notes de version: What's new?
+Add Ability to enable/disable SMA TP line separately form RR TP line
+Update Pivot Lookup - now can set up to 20 (This help alot in low timeframe even 1m)
+Improve Setting UI
Notes de version: Double TP is working!.
Notes de version: Minor Change.
+Improve Backtest input and Setting UI.
+Delete no used part of code.

Notes de version: What's new?
+ Cloud MA New tool! to overcome sideway market. This option can be allowed by select Order Condition : "Cloud MA" in the setting.
+ Option to plot pivot where it is detected in the setting ( give the option for script users to turn on plotting in the past through inputs, so they are necessarily aware of what the script is doing)
- Limit Pivot Lookup up to 8
- X-Cross = Engulfing Candle with weak volume . and O-circle - Engulfing Candle with strong volume . is removed (The display looks great, but it can be misleading.)
-RSI-MA cross 50 trigger order is removed
Notes de version: Minor change.
+Fixed alert stoped calculator error bug. by replaced subhag with linear regression curve.
Notes de version: Minor Change
BTCUSDTPREP Binance require a minimun lots size of 0.001 BTC
Using BTCUSD Index instead or Just increase losing trade size. to sloved "Pine cannot determine the referencing length of a series."

+ Improved input default setting.
+ Extreme minimized drawdown.

Notes de version: How I can minimized drawdown?
+ I decided to use lowest and highest of 3 pivot back to calculate a size and target.
Notes de version: Minor Change!
+ Fixed "Pine cannot determine the referencing length of a series. Try using max_bars_back' error" When using chart replay mode by adding Variable assignment to pullprice line.
+ Sizing now calculated form highest and lowest Pivotpoint up to 100 bars back(This can be changed in pivot setting)
+ ATR now calculated with alphatrend formula(replaced to ta.supertrend)
Notes de version: Minor Change.
Alphatrend have improved Cloud MA but worsen the old condition.
So I Decided to make ATR a dynamic variable.
1. When Could MA is in use ATR will calculated with Alphatrend Formula
2. When Old condition is in use ATR will calculated with Supertrend Formula
Notes de version: Some folk told me that they have changed properties and position size and drawdown does not changed That Right!. Coz Position Size is in the Input Setting! NOT Properties!

Please READ!
-Position size setting is in the input NOT properties!
โปรดอ่านเถอะ ขอร้อง
-การตั้ง Position size อยู่ใน Input ไม่ใช่ properties!

Notes de version: +Adding more Variable assignment to avoid code using too much buffer size.
Notes de version: Fixed TP-MA being excuted when open order.

Notes de version: Fixed TP-MA on lossing trade.
thank to @chaiyapruekr commented this issue.

Notes de version: Minor update.
-Show TP line on the same candle of order.
-ADD Transparent setting for cloud.

-แสดง TP ที่แท่งออเดอร์
Notes de version: Minor Change.
+Stoploss setting - So we won't loss more than Losing per Trade in the setting
+New Description for order comment.

+เพิ่มตัวเลือกว่าจะตั้ง Stoploss (เพื่อแก้ไขระบบไม่ได้ Stoploss ตามที่เรากำหนดจำนวนเงินไว้ ซึ่งมีบางครั้งโดนลากยาว)
Notes de version: +Fixed missing TP.
+Renew strategy order code.
++TP/SL Work greater than before.

Notes de version: -SMA200 are not TP line any more.
+better ATR Periods.

I think it's time to working on Bots version!

-เอา TP SMA200 ออก
+ปรับค่า ATR

ตอนนี้คิดว่าระบบพร้อมสำหรับทำบอทแล้ว รอชมกันครับ :D
Notes de version: +Another idea to show TP and SL when order is excuted.

Notes de version: +Easier to set alert message.
+More user friendly alert message.
add text below to message box of alert setting.
  • {{strategy.order.alert_message}}
Notes de version: +New RRR setting.
Notes de version: +Ability to draw Position box.(Disable by default)
+Avoid take position after TP.
Notes de version: +Fixed avoid take position after TP 100% .
Notes de version: Minor change.
+Improve Cloud MA with Andean Oscillator. Bull and Bear component.
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