Inferential Statistics And Quick Metrics For Strategy Analysis.

Part of this script is used to calculate inferential statistics and metrics not available through the built in variables in the strategy tester.

A label will be created on the last bar displaying important strategy results, so you can test and analyze strategies quicker.

The built in strategy itself is just an example. You can copy and paste the metrics into any existing version 4 strategy and instantly use it**
**Just be sure all the variable names are unique in your target script.

I am looking for critique and would appreciate input on the statistical functions. I am aware that some of these functions are based on the assumption that the data is normally distributed. It's not meant to be perfect, but it is meant to be helpful. So if you think I can add or improve something to make it more helpful, let me know.

Notes de version: Minor Edit. Fixed some Comments
Script open-source

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