Multi timeframes RSI Screener & indicator by noop42

Since my previous x4 multi timeframes Stochastic RSI script seems to have been appreciated, I decided to make a 2nd version of this tool which focuses on the RSI indicator only.

Default parameters
  • RSI length : 14
  • Timeframes: 5, 15, 60, 240
  • OB/OS zones : 70 & 30
  • Repaint mode: enabled
  • Display lines: enabled
  • Display screener: enabled
  • Convergence warnings: timeframes 1, 2 & 3

  • Repaint mode : Disabling it makes the indicator wait for the current candle to close before to change its value
  • Display lines: Allows you to disable RSI lines drawings, in order to move the screener on your main chart for example.
  • Display screener: Allows you to disable the screener, in order to use RSI lines only
  • OB/OS convergences warnings : Allows you to select which timeframe(s) must be taken into consideration for convergence signals (Selected timeframes can be distinguished in the screener, followed by a * char in the timeframes column)

Note The Stochastic RSI version of this tool is available here

Script open-source

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