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Like TTM Squeeze indicator by @Greeny ? This one is made for you.

Get the most efficients squeezes at once (15m, 20m, 30m, 45m, 60m, 120m) on top of the Chaikin Money Flow ( CMF ) indicator.
Jun 17
Notes de version: Improved performances (by removing unused calls)
Added momentum
Jun 17
Notes de version: update preview
Jun 17
Notes de version: fix the scaling of oscillator
Jun 29
Notes de version: I added strict mode, which highlight signals when bollinger bands are in the keltner channel. It basically gives more of a confirmation.
Aug 07
Notes de version: Little update related to using this indicator on tf >= 2h.
It will now show squeezes for the following tf :
- 1h
- 2h
- 4h
- 6h
- 12h
- 1d
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how to show squeezes of lower time frames like 5 min, 15 min ..which part of code to change?
Looks nice. Can you make a detailed video on the method of use of this for trading?
How do you use the colored circles? What do they mean? Thanks
tucsky TheCryptoRuler
@TheCryptoRuler The dots are basically telling you that volatility is expanding, means price is about to make a move...
Check out this video for a better explanation of the basic TTM Squeeze : https://simpler-options.s3.amazonaws.com/webinars/JC-Squeeze-2008.mp4

Now this indicator just fetch multiple timeframes for better efficiency (thats why its so slow to load!!), look for simultaneous squeezes that's how you get your signal.
Then you combine it with others indicators to determine whether the price will go up or down.
TTM oscillator (strength of the market) or CMF (which are integrated in that indicator), stoch RSI can work too on some timeframe... make your own combinations, whats works the most for you :)
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Wow. This is brilliant. I love the colorization too.
Cool idea, nice work!
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