Simple MACD + 200EMA Strategy

This script is based on classic MACD / 200EMA strategy.
It takes a Long trade when MACD line crossup Signal line, when both below Zero line, and Close price above 200 EMA .
It takes a Short trade when MACD line crossdown Signal line, when both above Zero line, and Close price below 200 EMA

It seems to have decent results with 1:1.5 Risk/Reward, with 30min TF (on cryptocurrency market)
It has a number of 1 per day on average.


You can have both Long and Short, or disable one.

Stoploss is based on last swing (high or low). You can adjust the lookback period of the swing.

For now, there is 2 possibilities for TP :
Using adjustable Risk/Reward ratio (Trailing Stoploss need to be at 0)
Using adjustable Trailing Stoploss percentage (RR Ratio need to be at 0)

Results below are with this parameters :
  • Start date 01 / 01 /2021
  • 1:1.5 RR ratio
  • 100USD Initial capital
  • 100USD Order Size
  • 0.01% Commission fees.
Notes de version: Update : added initial strategy parameters according to description above.
Notes de version:
  • Stoploss now works as intended : Stoploss with Higher Highs (Short) or Lower Lows (Long) as higher priority than Trailing stop.
  • Update Stoploss plots
Notes de version: Updated Trailing to start from Strategy position average price (and not Close price)
Notes de version:
  • Add groups in Parameters
  • Add options to have Last swing price or Average position price as Trailing start
  • Not possible to have both RR and Trailing Stop anymore
Notes de version:
  • Modified Close position values for Trailing stop from Close price to High/Low price
  • Added comment
Notes de version:
  • Added "Performance Summary" Widget
  • Trailing Stop plot switchs green when it becomes a winning trade
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