Naresh - iJPAS


This strategy has been developed as a professional service. It was published only or testing and verification by the customer. As such, access cannot be granted to anyone else. Sorry about that!

Other open source scripts are available on the BacktestRookies profile.

Intra-day Japanese Candlestick Price Action Strategy

An intraday strategy which focuses on analyzing price action of the opening 3 bars to make trading decisions.

Once certain criteria are met, entry and exit targets are set and left until they are hit else we reset and start again on a new day.
Notes de version: Update

Tweaks and Logic Fix
Notes de version: Fix Typo
Notes de version: Changed max candle range entry requirement from $ figure to % of opening price.
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Look interesting and PRO, keep it up bro =D
@ICEKI, :)
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