The 15 Minutes SlingShot System Strategy

Use this strategy on the 15 Minutes timeframe for maximum profit. Even if the profitability is less than 60%, the profit factor is still above 5 for minimum losses which make it very profitable. The strategy is based on the SlingShot System Study.
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Would love to test the script to set up some buy and sell alerts if I may please
Hey man.... I love this indicator. I don't trade crypto but have been using it to trade equities. Can you please tell me what the color changing moving average is? I have tried EMA's, simple ect... to try and replicate it on other platforms. The closest that lines up is a 24 period weighted moving average.... I would really appreciate man!
smartdigitals RolandoSantos
@RolandoSantos, I have sent the requested info by PM. Enjoy!
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