GVNG BitMEX Funding

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This indicator attempts to emulate the @BitMEX predicted funding rate for the XBTUSD perpetual swaps contract.

The indicator is most accurate on the 1-minute interval. It can be used on higher intervals but will lose accuracy due to smoothing.

Tip: Right-click the scale and enable the "Indicator Last Value" option.

Change Log

First commit: Fork it if you wanna fork. (GNU GPL v3)
Increased default transparency of funding payout markers.
Moved payout marker symbol ($) to bottom of indicator. Tried to create an input to let the user choose top or bottom, but TV pine script does not allow series of strings.
Previous Changes

Tweaked MA algorithm to be more accurate shortly after funding payout.
Added 8-hour funding payout markers (can be disabled from Inputs menu).
Added final 8-hour funding rate plot.
Added labels to plots for easier identification in Style menu.

Funding Rate (F) = Premium Index (P) + clamp(Interest Rate (I) - Premium Index (P), 0.05%, -0.05%)
Positive funding rate means longs pay shorts. Negative funding rate means shorts pay longs.
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